Thursday, January 30, 2014

Concerned About Toxic Cans?

I was the deputy editor of Natural Health magazine for over a year, where I spent a lot of time researching the health hazards of Bisphenol A (BPA). It was during my time there that I learned BPA was present in the lining of a whole lot of canned goods. Does that mean I stopped buying canned products? Um...not so much.

The thing is, I make a lot of meals with crushed tomatoes and legumes (I'll be sharing some of those recipes with you soon, since they're all Whole Life Challenge compliant), and cooking is time-consuming enough without having to slice and dice and soak and boil. That said, I did start to pay attention to which companies were making an effort to eliminate BPA in their products. Topping the list were Eden Foods and Muir Glen. Unfortunately, these companies are often pricier than a lot of otherswhich is why I was so relieved when a member of my Whole Life Challenge team shared a letter from Trader Joe's (where I buy a lot of our food) assuring consumers that there was no BPA detected in a long list of their products. If you'd like to read that letter, you can find it at this awesome BPA Free Canned Food blog, here. Bonus: This blogger has contacted a ton of other companies, including Amy's and Whole Foods, about the BPA in their cans and you can find their responses at the above link as well.

Bottom line: It is possible to simply pop open a can and still eat clean. Hooray!

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