I have to confess, I have a hard time staying active. But here are some things that seriously help me to ensure that I work up a daily sweat.

FitBit: I've worn this baby pretty much every day since I got it a couple years ago (I feel naked without it!). It's like a pedometer...only better. (You can even use it to track how well you're sleeping!) Hitting my goal of at least 10,000 daily steps has an almost immediate impact on my energy levels and weight loss. (Check out the SHOP link to purchase one for yourself!)

BeachBody DVDs: I've done Power90, P90X, Combat, Insanity (okay...I quit that one after 2 or 3 weeks) and am currently doing P90X3. The fact that I can exercise in my own living room with minimal equipment means I have fewer excuses for skipping a workout. (Check out the SHOP link to purchase any of these DVD programs for yourself!)

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